MAPI Membership

  • Regular Membership annual dues are $85
  • Associate Membership annual dues are $65

If you wish to purchase or renew your MAPI membership, you must first fill out our application form. Once complete, you will be shown the link to purchase your membership. This helps keep our records in order and makes it clear who the membership is being purchased for. Thank you.

Conference Registration $150

Register for the MAPI Annual Fall Conference.

**An extra $25.00 fee will be added to anyone attending the CPR & First Aid Course to cover required materials & AHA Certificate

I will attend CPR Training
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Website Sponsorship - $150

You will receive a minimum 125px by 125px logo on every page of the MAPI website linked to your website for one year. Sponsorship is only open to PI/PA Industry Related Businesses and Vendors.

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Donation $25.00

This is for general donations to MAPI. Our organization works for you so you work more effectively. Donations help to support activities like our Spring Training Day event and more.

MAPI Embroidered Logo Apparel - $38

Embroidered MAPI Logo shirt types are available in Men's 2 xx, XL, & Large, and in Women's Large & Medium, and in the blue colors noted. Contact MAPI for more info or ordering assistance.

  • Royal Blue long sleeve button up shirts
  • Sky Blue Polo shirts

Handgun Training
2018 (To Be Announced)

Larry Peart from Peart & Associates teaches his yearly shooting class in Wilmar each year. Usually there is a Free Breakfast followed by the training. All proceeds benefit MAPI. $85.

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MAPI sponsors have opportunities to meet with our members at MAPI Events, and to provide materials and information to them about their business.
For more information on how you or your business can become a MAPI Sponsor, visit our Payment page to get started.

Internatoinal Intelligence Network
Atlas Investigations
Private Eye Security
ProAction Safety & Sales
The National Council of Investigation and Security Services
Carney Forensics
Atlas Insurance Brokers, LLC
El Dorado Insurance Agency
Tracers Information Specialists, Inc.
PI Magazine
BRB Publications
IRB Search
Paragon Document Research, Inc.
ARCpoint Labs
Westlaw Court Express
Minnesota Monitoring, Inc.
Guardian Fugitive Recovery
Floyd Total Security
Talon GPS
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